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Fly-in Fly-out eat, sleep, repeat

Fly-in Fly-out XC Camp

Alpji Hängula - Riederalp: the fly-in fly out XC experience in the highest density of >4000m mountains in the alps.

Explore Oberwallis from an eagle’s nest: have you ever dreamt of a place, where you never fold your glider? - just take it out in the morning - go on a XC flight and topland back in in the evening for a barbecue or a swim in an alpine lake?

Well it's possible to fulfill your dream now.

What's in the package?

Not included

Your Guide - Michael Witschi

Refund policy:

up to 2 months before the camp: 70%, up to one month before: 50%, less than one month before: 30%.

  • 50 km XC flight record
  • Paragliding licence

Attending Athletes

Michaela Mooz


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CHF 800

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