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Our partners who make these adventures possible are:

AirDesign Paragliders: We proudly extend our gratitude to our main sponsor, AirDesign Paragliders, for their generous support of the Eigertour. Their dedication and passion for the sport of paragliding are unmatched. Visit their website to learn more about their top-notch paragliders and their commitment to safety and innovation. A heartfelt thank you to AirDesign Paragliders for their valuable partnership!

Grindelwald Tourism: We would like to warmly thank our long-standing main sponsor, Grindelwald Tourism, for their continuous support of the Eigertour. As the local tourism destination of Grindelwald, they have played a significant role in making our event an unforgettable adventure. Visit their website to discover more about this fascinating region and the diverse activities it offers. A heartfelt thank you to Grindelwald Tourism for their valuable partnership!

Vercorin Tourisme: We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our fantastic partner, Vercorin Tourisme, for their support of the legendary Vercofly with its take-off in Vercorin. With their breathtaking landscape and pleasant collaboration, they contributed to making our event an unforgettable hike&fly adventure. Visit Vercorin Tourisme's website to learn more about this beautiful destination and plan your next paragliding vacation. A heartfelt thank you to Vercorin Tourisme for their valuable partnership!

Flyover GmbH: We would like to express our sincere thanks to our long-time partner, Flyover GmbH, for their continuous collaboration on the Eigertour. Through their dedication and support, we have been able to make the event a success year after year. We appreciate the joint efforts and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration. A heartfelt thank you to Flyover GmbH for their valuable partnership!

Main Sponsors