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Get to where you would never even dream of!

Eigertour Edition.7

This time the Challenge Category merges with the Pro - so everyone can compete against the world elite.

The legendary hike-and-fly race makes use of the many mountain refuges for turnpoints and overnight stops, so athletes don’t need to find a supporter, neither camp outside thus travelling only with the minimum by foot and paraglider.

Ideally, the athletes will spend four days in high-alpine environment, never having to go down low staying in the wild and beautiful nature.

14 – 18 Turnpoints, distance over 100 – 200 km.

  • Multi-day - Hike and Fly race experience
  • High alpine hiking experience
  • Valid Paragliding licence and insurance (third party, helicopter rescue and health)
  • A character, that stays reasonable even during a race! important to finish healthy.
  • Toplanding safely in thermally active conditions

Download Race rules


If you have already experience in multi-day hike and fly races, can easily topland and take of in a high alpine environment and respect your own limits even in a race - you're the perfect candidate for this product.

  • Unforgettable experience
  • A Year of preparation work of the eigertour Team
  • Live tracking during the race
  • High-Quality T-shirt
  • Breakfast during inscription
  • Dinner before price giving ceremony
  • Access to high quality photos and videos
  • Prices for the Winners

CHF 295

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